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We’re gearing up for another great year at the 2024 TESOL Convention! We’d love to connect with you at one of our sessions or for an informal chat.


⭐ Reflective Practice: The Key to Your PD

Thursday, March 21, 12:00-1:15

Tampa Convention Center, Poster Session Area

In this interactive poster session, facilitators will guide visitors through the reflection cycle, pausing to examine prompts that serve as entry points for becoming more conscious and reflective educators. Participants will leave with strategies for regularly integrating reflection into their teaching practice, resulting in a targeted approach to professional development. Mark your calendar!

⭐ Maximizing Your Conference Experience: From Uptake to Output

Friday, March 22, 5:30-6:00

Tampa Convention Center, Room 306/307

In this presentation, participants will reflect on their professional development (PD) needs and strategize their approach to the TESOL convention and other conferences. They will come away with concrete PD goals and tips to maximize their learning and to convert new ideas into tangible practices in their own teaching context. Mark your calendar!

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