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If you are interested in pursuing a deeper dive with your team, we invite you to contact the Teacher Think-Aloud Team to discuss virtual PD opportunities. We offer both custom and standard workshops, all with an interactive, practical orientation.

Custom Worshops

Custom Workshops

Work with Anna and Shey to develop programming specific to your unique institutional needs.

Fee includes initial consultation and collaborative planning, facilitator preparation and personalized workshop.

  • $400 includes consultation and hour-long workshop

  • $300 for each additional workshop hour

Contact us to set up a consultation!


Before you talk to us, think about these questions:

  • Why are you seeking our services?

  • What needs have your teachers expressed over the years?

  • What new concepts would you like to expose your teaching staff to?

  • What tangible goals/objectives would you like your teaching staff to achieve?


We want to help!

Standard Workshops

Below you’ll find a list of our most popular PD workshops.

Fee includes facilitator preparation and selected workshop:

  • 1-1.5 hour workshop: USD 300 per session

  • 2-2.5 hour workshop: USD 400 per session

Standard Workshops

Reflective Pedagogy: The Key to Your PD

1.5 hours

In this workshop, the facilitators will define a framework for reflective pedagogy and will offer strategies for instructors to reflect on how their teaching has evolved over time. Participants will reflect on their current and past teaching practices and will come away with strategies to become more reflective and effective in their personal practice.

Strategies for Expanding Student Talk Time in an Online Environment       

1.5 hours

Participants in this workshop will discuss the challenges and advantages of making learning student-centered in an online environment. They will come away with simple yet effective strategies for increasing student talk time (STT) and reducing teacher talk time (TTT) to enhance learning outcomes.

Establishing Rapport, On- and Off-line 

1.5 hours

In this workshop, the facilitators will discuss key considerations in establishing and maintaining rapport in both online and offline environments. They will share strategies for creating a culture of mutual support and academic rigor in a way that is effective and genuine.

Social Media for Language Learning

1.5 hours

In this workshop, the facilitators will discuss the primacy of digital literacy as a 21st-century skill, and they will present an objectives-based approach to engaging students in the language-learning process through social media, focusing on the unique affordances different platforms have to offer. Session participants will leave with strategies which have proven effective in bridging the digital divide through the leveraging of social media, piquing student interest and engagement inside and out of the classroom.

Project-Based Learning

1.5 hours

This workshop will provide an overview of project-based learning, its benefits on learning outcomes, and the process of designing a project-based activities. We will examine facilitators’ unique experiences in implementing PBL, and participants will work together to generate ideas for project-based activities they can implement in their own educational context with the aim of augmenting not only language skills across the domains, but bolstering technological proficiency, research and presentation skills and classroom collaboration.

Rubric Design

1.5 hours

This workshop will provide a basic overview of different kinds of classroom assessments and of the different kinds of rubrics which can be used to evaluate and provide feedback on student work. Participants will practice creating holistic, analytic, single-trait, and multi-trait rubrics which they can implement in their own classes.

Intercultural Communicative Competence

2 hours

This workshop will introduce an overview of ICC and present various hands-on activities for participants to use in their respective educational settings, including interaction analyses, role play, and discussion topics. Participants will create their own activities that aim to cultivate intercultural competence in this interactive session.

Academic Integrity & Plagiarism

2 hours

This workshop will address the concepts of academic integrity and plagiarism inherent in Western university culture, as well as the challenge of applying an academic integrity policy in international contexts. The participants will learn about and discuss practical approaches to introduce and enforce a culture of academic honesty in their own classrooms.

Media Literacy & Digital Citizenship

2 hours

In this workshop, participants will become familiar with definitions of media literacy and will learn strategies for teaching students how to critically evaluate media. The workshop will touch in particular on issues of fake news, detecting bias in media, propaganda and advertising techniques, and more. The participants will leave the workshop with resources and activities they can implement in their own classroom.


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