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The Teacher Think-Aloud PLN
a professional learning network for teachers of English around the world.

The best way to cultivate a reflective practice, in our view, is to share with other educators. We've created the Teacher Think-Aloud Professional Learning Network to provide a chance for you to connect with colleagues around the world, exchange resources, and reflect on essential topics in English language teaching in a virtual community of practice. 

Our launch party on July 25th, on the topic of Reflective Pedagogy 101, marked the start of something very exciting! Click here to see a video sampling.

Register for our upcoming PLN sessions below. Sessions take place once a month on participant-selected topics.

All sessions offer options for 8 AM US Pacific time or 6 PM US Pacific time.


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Increasing learner engagement and interaction in the classroom

Aug. 22

Using movement and creativity in the classroom

Sept. 26

The flipped classroom and asynchronous learning strategies

Oct. 24

Teaching intercultural communicative competence

Nov. 21

Teacher well-being

Dec. 19